philosophy cards

Philosophy cards


Philosophy question cards for children stimulate the thinking skills and curiosity of young thinkers. These philosophy cards for kids contain stimulating questions that encourage children to think more deeply about the world around them.

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This printable set of philosophy cards consists of 32 cards with philosophy questions. Your purchase is a digital product. You will receive the printables in your mailbox and you can print the printables yourself at home!

philosophy cards
philosophy cards

Description of philosophy cards

For the philosophy question cards, make sure you use sturdy paper to create durable cards. Then cut out the cards and consider laminating them to make them last longer.

Philosophising often starts with asking open-ended questions that don’t have simple yes-or-no answers. With these philosophical questions like “What is the meaning of friendship?” or “Is there such a thing as justice?”, children are encouraged to think about abstract concepts and form their own ideas.

These philosophy cards encourage children to listen and respect each other’s ideas, even if they disagree with them. It creates an atmosphere where children feel free to share their thoughts without fear of judgement.

Thereby, philosophising is incredibly good for their development. Philosophising goes hand in hand with developing critical thinking. Children learn to build arguments, consider counter-arguments and draw conclusions based on reasoning.

Start philosophising with your child using these philosophy cards and strengthen your child’s intellectual, emotional and social skills.