mindfulness toddlers

Mindfulness for toddlers

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Learned young is done old, they sometimes say, right? That certainly applies to expressing emotions, being aware of the here and now and kindness to yourself and others. You can’t start early enough with this! And that’s why we have put together a mindfulness pack especially for toddlers.

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Want to get started with these mindfulness worksheets and posters and practice mindfulness together with your toddler? You can buy these beautiful printables now and get started right away. The worksheets and posters are digital files and you will receive them as PDFs in your mailbox immediately after payment.

What you buy:

  • 3 x A4 of positive affirmation cards for toddlers
  • worksheet expressing feelings: angry
  • worksheet expressing feelings: afraid
  • worksheet expressing feelings: sad
  • worksheet ‘cool down rainbow’
  • worksheet ‘I feel today + emotion cards’
  • worksheet ‘this makes you’
  • worksheet ‘bingo’
  • worksheet “breathe in and breathe out’
  • worksheet “this was my day’
  • worksheet ‘still life drawing ‘
  • worksheet ‘senses’
  • poster with activities to calm down(A4 size)
  • calming ideas poster (A4 size)
  • emotion poster (A4 size)
  • poster emotion meter
  • mindfulness colouring sheet, colouring by numbers
 mindfulness toddlers

Description of printables mindfulness for toddlers

Toddlers and preschoolers are at a stage in their lives where they are learning to deal with different emotions. Through mindfulness worksheets, they learn how to recognise, understand and manage emotions. This is not only useful for tantrums, but also important for healthy emotion regulation later in life.

Through the mindfulness activities on the posters and worksheets, the toddler or preschooler develops self-awareness. Everything you give attention to grows, so by paying attention to your child’s emotions and feelings, your toddler or preschooler will get to know themselves better.

The worksheets and posters help children get started with mindfulness in an interactive and engaging way.