Games for Christmas dinner

Games for Christmas dinner

Christmas is here again, Christmas trees twinkle and the smell of delicious food fills the air. What would Christmas dinner be without a touch of playful fun? This year, throw in some games at Christmas dinner. Here are a few fun and festive games to make your Christmas dinner even cozier!

Christmas bingo

Christmas bingo is not just another game, it is a guaranteed way to increase the fun during your Christmas dinner. Especially when you use our fun and festive printable. The Christmas bingo printable is designed with cheerful Christmas images related to the holidays. From nativity scenes to Christmas trees and baubles.

Our Christmas bingo is suitable for all ages. Young and old can participate, making it a perfect activity to involve the whole family. With the printable, organising Christmas bingo is easy and quick. Print the cards, get some marking material and you’re ready to play. It’s a stress-free way to add a fun activity to your Christmas dinner.


For a light-hearted and cheerful atmosphere, the game “Taboo” is highly recommended. Indeed, this game is synonymous with unintentional jokes and comical moments. When players try to get around the “forbidden” word, it often leads to inventive descriptions and synonyms. This makes it not only funny, but also a challenge for players to increase their vocabulary. And that way, you are educational too!

We have helped you by making 40 Taboo cards in the Christmas theme. Print out these printables, cut them out and the fun at Christmas dinner can begin.

Christmas tree dice

This game is especially for entertaining the little ones during Christmas dinner. On the printable Christmas tree dice you will find a Christmas tree and 6 decorations for in the Christmas tree. It takes a little bit of preparation as you have to cut out the Christmas decorations. And you also need a die for this game. The dice are rolled in turns. If you roll a one, you get to hang the pink bauble on the tree. If you roll two, then the yellow one, and so on. Whoever gets all the symbols on their tree first wins. You can find the printable in the package for Christmas games at the table.

Simple games for Christmas dinner

In this printable pack, you will also find the simple games ‘Hangman’, ‘Tic Tac Toe’ and ‘Dots and Boxes’. These games are ideal to keep the children entertained during Christmas dinner. The games are played with a minimum of two people. And because the games are quick and simple, they can easily be played between courses.

Add these games to your Christmas dinner menu and create cosy moments for everyone. After all, it’s the little things that really make this time of year special. 🎄✨

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