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Christmas riddles for kids


Children don’t have to be bored during a Christmas dinner! In addition to the Christmas table games that they can play together, we also have a printable package with Christmas riddles and puzzles.

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What are you buying?

Your purchase is a digital product. You will receive the printables in your mailbox, and you can print them at home one by one! The package consists of 10 different printables:

  1. Labyrinth
  2. Secret code
  3. I spy
  4. Crossword puzzle
  5. Ri Ra Riddle
  6. Sudoku
  7. Find the Christmas symbols
  8. Word search
  9. Find the differences
  10. Outsiders

Description of the Christmas riddles

These Christmas riddles and puzzles are designed for children aged 6 and above. The difficulty level varies for each puzzle, but the printables are primarily focused on entertaining the children. The puzzles range from deciphering a code to finding the differences and from a maze to a sudoku puzzle. What all the printables have in common is that they are created in the Christmas theme, making them super fun and especially handy to have at home for the upcoming Christmas days.

How does it work?

After purchase, you will receive the printables in your mailbox. From there, you can download the printables and print them at home yourself. It’s that simple!

christmas scavenger hunt

Christmas scavenger hunt

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Ho ho ho! Are you ready to go on a scavenger hunt for the Christmas presents? With these printables, you can easily set up a scavenger hunt at home.

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What you will receive:

  • a Christmas scavenger hunt map
  • seven Christmas symbols
  • end of the scavenger hunt: the Christmas tree with presents
  • arrows to indicate the route

Your purchase is a digital product. You will receive the printables in your mailbox.

christmas scavenger hunt
christmas scavenger hunt

How the Christmas scavenger hunt works:

You will receive the printables in your mailbox

Print out the printables. Do you want to give each child their own treasure hunt card with the route to the Christmas tree? Then print out several scavenger hunt cards.

Cut out the Christmas symbols, the arrows and the Christmas tree with presents

Plot a route. You can just do this in the house. For example, start in the kitchen and end the scavenger hunt in a bedroom.

Hang the symbols (in the same order as the map) scattered along the route.

Use the arrows to indicate the route.

End the route with the Christmas tree.

Ideas for the Christmas scavenger hunt

Of course, it is much more fun to complete the scavenger hunt with assignments and riddles. For example:

  • Have the children do an activity at each symbol. Such as sing a Christmas song dance, play bingo…
  • Have the children solve a riddle at each symbol.
  • Reward the children at the Christmas tree with presents. It’s an original way to give Christmas presents!
christmas bingo

Christmas bingo

€ 2,00

Want to play something different and original this Christmas? You can easily print this Christmas bingo yourself at home and play immediately.

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What you will receive:

  • 8 Christmas bingo cards (A4)
  • 36 unique Christmas symbols

Your purchase is a digital product. You will receive the printables in your mailbox.

christmas bingo
christmas bingo

How to play Christmas bingo

You will receive the printables in your mailbox

Print the Christmas bingo cards and the Christmas symbols. Cut the Christmas symbols into individual symbols and place them in a bowl or bag.

Give each player a bingo card. There are a total of 8 cards, so if there are more than 8 players, you can divide them into teams.

The person leading the game draws the Christmas symbols one by one from the bowl or bag and shows them to the players.

The players look at their cards and mark each matching symbol that is shown.

The first player to mark a complete row of symbols on their card horizontally, vertically, or diagonally shouts “Bingo!” and is the winner of that round.

You can combine this game with the Christmas scavenger hunt!

christmas table games

Christmas table games

€ 3,00

We have prepared some delightful Christmas table games that are sure to bring laughter and create lasting memories. May the joy and laughter around the Christmas table echo the spirit of the season.

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With these games for Christmas dinner, children can easily entertain themselves between courses.

What you will receive:

  • 40 cards for the game ‘Taboo’
  • Christmas printable table game ‘Tic Tac Toe’
  • Christmas printable table game ‘Hangman’
  • Christmas printable table game ‘Dots and Boxes’
  • Christmas printable table game ‘Christmas tree dice’
table games christmas

Descriptions of the Christmas table games

Your purchase is a digital product. You will receive the printables in your mailbox and you can print the printables yourself at home!

Taboo: In the game, players work in teams, and each team has a designated guesser. The goal is to get the guesser to say a specific word without using a set of “taboo” words or phrases associated with that word. The challenging part is that the taboo words are closely related to the target word. The team members take turns providing clues to help their guesser figure out the word within a time limit. We have created 40 taboo cards for you especially in the Christmas theme, a fun and cosy game for the Christmas table.

Tic Tac Toe: is a classic and simple strategy game often played on a 3×3 grid. Players take turns placing their symbol (X or O) in an attempt to create a row of three of their symbols horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Tic Tac Toe is an ideal game for the Christmas dinner table because of its simplicity and quick gameplay. It serves as a light and entertaining activity that can engage people of all ages during the festive meal.

Hangman: “Hangman” is a word-guessing game where one player thinks of a word and the other players try to guess it by suggesting letters. A drawing of a gallows is gradually completed for each incorrect guess, and the goal is to guess the word before the drawing is finished. Playing Hangman at the Christmas dinner table provides a casual and enjoyable way for family and friends to bond.

Dots and Boxes: is a paper-and-pencil game where players take turns connecting a pair of horizontally or vertically adjacent dots. The player who completes the fourth side of a 1×1 box earns a point and gets another turn. The game continues until all the boxes are formed. The player with the most completed boxes at the end is the winner.

Christmas tree dice: a game where everyone gets a Christmas tree with the corresponding symbols. The dice are rolled in turns. If the person throws one, the pink bauble may be stuck on the tree. Throw two, the yellow one, and so on. Whoever has all the symbols on his tree wins. A great Christmas table game for the little ones!