easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt


It’s Easter, and the Easter bunny has hidden eggs all around the neighborhood! But this isn’t just an ordinary Easter egg hunt; it’s an Easter egg hunt with a real treasure map!

Armed with our printable treasure map, the little ones embark on a quest for colorful eggs. Follow the trail of the Easter bunny by searching for the eggs and following the direction of the carrots. Eventually, you’ll discover where the golden egg is hidden.

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What you’re buying:

  • a treasure map for the Easter egg hunt
  • eight Easter eggs (4 per A4)
  • a golden egg
  • carrots to indicate the route

Your purchase is a digital product. You’ll receive the printables as a PDF file in your e-mailbox.

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Description of the Easter Egg Hunt

How does it work?

You’ll receive this Easter Egg Hunt in your inbox after payment. You print the received printables at home.

Cut out the Easter eggs and carrots.

Create a route for the Easter egg hunt. This can be indoors or outdoors in the neighborhood.

Hang the Easter eggs (in the same order as the map) scattered along the route. End the route with the large golden egg.

Use the carrots to indicate the route.

Give the children the map for the Easter egg hunt. Print multiple maps if you want to give each child their own. Let the children search for the Easter eggs. And eventually, the children will reach the golden egg!

It’s a good idea to do small tasks or play games while searching for the eggs. That makes the Easter egg hunt extra exciting and fun.