mindfulness for kids

Mindfulness for kids

€ 7,50

Do you want to start working with these mindfulness worksheets and posters and practice mindfulness together with your children? You can now purchase these beautiful printables and get started right away. The worksheets and posters are digital files, and you will receive them as PDFs in your mailbox immediately after payment.

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What you buy:

  • 4 x A4 with positive affirmation cards
  • worksheet ‘I am and I can’
  • worksheet ‘feelings’
  • worksheet ‘cool down rainbow’
  • worksheet ‘calm down ideas’
  • worksheet ‘I am grateful for’
  • worksheet ‘makes me happy’
  • worksheet ‘catching thoughts’
  • A4 4x breathing exercises
  • Mindset poster (A4 size)
  • Emotions poster (A4 size)
  • Influence poster (A4 size)
  • 2 x mindfulness colouring sheets

Description of mindfulness posters and worksheets

These worksheets and posters help children engage with mindfulness in an interactive and engaging way.

Mindfulness for children can be introduced and practised in various ways, such as through games, stories, creative activities and breathing techniques tailored to the child’s age and developmental stage. The aim of mindfulness is to give children practical tools to respond to life’s ups and downs in a healthy and balanced way. These worksheets and posters will help support your children in developing self-awareness and resilience.

Worksheets are a valuable tool for practising mindfulness for children. We have created a nice package of posters and worksheets to help make emotion awareness clear for children. On these worksheets, you will find exercises ranging from colouring sheets to positive affirmations.

By using the mindful worksheets and posters, children can integrate mindfulness into their daily routine in a fun and interactive way. It helps children become more aware of their feelings and emotions and helps them become more resilient in everyday life.